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Auto Repair Services in Upland, CA

Friends On Road Trip —  Auto Repair in Upland, CA
Don't miss out on fun travel adventures with friends. Main Street Garage in Upland, CA makes sure your vehicle is ready for those long road trips. We offer free assessments to your auto from our experienced mechanics. We want your car to be there with you during your memorable experiences. Take advantage of our financing options and free loan car for you to use.

Our Services

Engine Repair
Emission Inspections
Electrical System Repair
Oil Change Service
Brake Repair
A/C & Heater Repair
Drivetrain Repair
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Dealingwith auto repair issuescan bea major pain, but wecan help. We knowthat itcan bea hassleto haveto driveall over town to visit differentauto mechanics to have yourcar worked on, so we offer services forallmakesand models of vehicles. Westriveto be your one-stop shop forall of yourauto repair needs, so if you'rein the Upland, CA,areaand arelooking forcar repairs, you can count on us.

We Offer All Types of Repairs

Main Street Garage offerseverything frombasic maintenance-such as oilchangesand brakereplacements-to majorenginerepairsand more. It doesn'tmatter what type ofcar you drive or what's wrongwith it; our teamofexperienced, professionalauto mechanicscan get to the bottomof the problem.

We Work Fast

Alongwith offering one-stop services, wealso striveto get your vehiclerepaired as quickly as possible. We knowthat you'reready to get back on theroad, so wetry to have yourcar up and running quickly. Wearealso morethan happy to answerall of your questions,and wealways providethe bestcustomer service.

OurPrices Are Affordable

Vehicle maintenanceand repairscan beincredibly expensive. Because we knowthat youwant to get great valuefor your money, wealways striveto offercompetitive pricing for ourcar repair work. You never haveto worry about overpayingwhen you choose us. We haveaconvenient location inUpland and are open six daysa week,although you do need to havean appointment if you chooseto comein on a Saturday. If you give usacallat 909-982-5536, wecan tell youmoreabout our vehiclerepairand maintenanceservices. Wecan get your car back up and running again in no time!
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